At GW Mason we offer a wide range of restoration and specialists work 


We are able to: 

Reproduce plaster products  
To match an existing section of plaster moulding in order to replace damaged/missing sections or to 
mirror existing work – as the buildings we live in  
need to change, we may not want original features  
to be ruined. Hence we can match existing work in extensions or help create a seamless look where  
walls etc. need to be moved. 
Produce tailor made designs  
To a customers specifications. If you want a  
particular look for a new space we are able to advise  
on design and installation. This can include non-standard work such as curved ceilings where special mould need to be made. 
Restore mouldings from older buildings 
When older plaster has been damaged. This can  
be for a variety of reasons - plaster can deteriorate  
over time with neglect but can also be the victim of accidental or water damage. 
 Ceiling and Cornice Repair  

Over the last twenty years we have carried out numerous projects from small private  
dwellings to larger commercial projects. Some work we have done over the years includes: 

Corpus Christi Chruch - Weston-super-Mare 
GW Mason undertook the restoration of the back of Copus Chrsiti Church. Over time the salt air in Weston had rotted all the plaster at the back of the church including a large domed area. We removed all the bad plaster, where possible restored it and remade new sections when necessary before putting it all back in place. 
Tyntesfield House 
The managers at Tyntesfield called on us when there was a need to restore some of the original cornicing which had become damaged when a ceiling came down. We replaced the ceiling then restored and replaced the cornicing. 
Mayor's Parlour, Weston-super-Mare 
To update the building a new pipe was needed next to an existing arch. In order not to ruin the appearance of the room we extended and matched the existing arch. 
GW Mason, Mason House, Stafford Road Business Centre, 35 Stafford Road, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS23 3BN 
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